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now and then

I've really been thinking about a lot of my fellow christians that i know. we all went to CIY and all those youth group things this summer, we made commitments to God, and now what? nothings changed for some of them. it is very hard seeing the same people in church that you do at school. it makes me sad, because our youth group needs guys to step up. ya'll boys are supposed to be preparing to lead the church. i dunno whats gonna happen once Daniel leaves to go to school. I think Chris is serious about God, but he can't do it alone. pray for all the guys, that they become men of God.
wow, i was reading the 3rd chapter of Galatians yesterday, and i finally understood what Greg's always saying about the Law versus the New Testament grace. that's a really neat book of th eBible to read, in case anyone hasn't read it.
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