Sarah (jesusrox) wrote,

"good times" sarah said sarcastically

i'm in keyboarding class. i hate bethel, and i've got the cleveland rocks song stuck in my head, so i'm thinking about Davey. man. i have no friends. everyone hates me, because i don't curse and whatnot. and all the "christians" hate me because i'm a "bad girl". since when am i the bad girl. or the really good girl? how can i possibly be both at the same time? but i guess i am. i have to write a story for writing, and a paper for mun. i hate this crap. i'm seeing my mom again thursday night, like i don't have a million other things to do. aaaaaaaaaaaa. so many freaking posers in this school!!! and i don't usually throw around that word, but for real. they suck. like i'm a poser, cuz i didn't know that boxcar whatever had blink 182 mambers init. Wouldn't it make them posers for knowing that. yes. so many emos!! this one girl (onr of the only kids i dislike) wears her pants rolled up once,never twice every day. and she says i dress wierd. sshe wears a my little pony sweater. DID SHE SEE THE MOVIE? no! i did. and i dress normal. jeans and a t-shirt kind of gal. average american girl. and speaking of america, this one girl goes"i hate america", so i go "why", always eager to talk politics. and she said "because it sucks" WHat? hate america for the forign policy, its economic system, it electoral process, but have an intelligent reason!! this same girl also informed me that the bible contradicts itself. So i ask, "where" oh she couldn't answer, cuz she's never read it! anyhoo, i gotta go now, cuz the bells gonna ring.
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