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jesusrox's Journal

1 July
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Hi. I am Sarah. I am 16. I love Jesus!! He is my Savior!! i have resolved to put Him first in everything that i do. i want to go to Roanoke Bible College when i graduate, and be a missionary. i listen to basicly only music that glorifies God, because when it comes down to it, if i have a song stuck in my head, i'd rather it be Amazing Grace then some song that is against what i am about as a christian. My favorite bands are: MXPX, Embodyment, , Project 86, Supertones,bleach, ghoti hook, just about any worship cd, but especially reliant k! my best friend's name is Torie. She's really cool. I go to northhampton church of christ. the best local band ever is she said. that's all! oh, and i put the "i can" back in american! my name for livejournal is "jesusrox" because we had this saying at this youth group i was in that "Jesus rocks, cuz He's my Rock. i am trying to keep my journal clean, so if you comment, please don't curse.