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Persecution weekend

Persecution Weekend. our youth group headed up to Camp Rudolph for a giant role playing game. it was 30 a.d. and we were loyal jewish citizens in Jerusalem. On the first night i saw Jesus heal a blind guy, and i convinced myself it wasn't true (cuz that was my character). the next day i was converted by a mute man, baptized in this nasty water, and immediately thrown into this prison (actually a horse trailer) and had all of my game money taken away. i was cold, wet, tired, and broke. the Roman gaurds (armed with squirt guns) screamed at us and threw cold water on us, but all us christians were singing praise songs and stuff. i converted the guy who played Barrabas, but he betrayed us later. i was called to Caiuphus, the high priest, to defend Christianity. my youth minister played Saul of Taursus, and he threw flour on my face, and the flour got matted in my hair and on my face. by nightime, my friend amy, also a christian was "killed" and i had to help carry her body back to the temple. all the christians were lined up in front of the temple and told that if we didn't denounce God, a non-christian would "die". i couldn't denounce God, but i offered to let myself "die" instead of the non-christian, but the gaurds just "killed" the non-christain, and called me a murderer. finally, yhey knelt me in front of barabas, and said if i didn't denounce, they'd kill him. i asked them to kill me instead, cuz earlier in the game when i was converting barabas, i told him i wouldn't let him die, cuz he wouldn't go to heaven if he did. so finally the gaurds took me up on it and killed me. i walked away from the game and burst into tears. that whole weekend was so nerve-wracking. all the non-christians wanted us to die, but we couldn't be mad at them, because before we were converted, we called for Jesus to die. i don't regret converting in the game, or in real life. :)
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